About Nutri-Mind

How does Nutritional Therapy work?

I will meet you in my office in Rolle at Centre Thérapeutique de la Côte. I offer consultations in English, French and Swedish, online on request and without extra charges. Possibility of making the consultations at your home. (Morges-Nyon regions with a return of transport cost.)

Change starts within

We are all unique and vary in terms of DNA/genetics, blood types, gut flora, metabolism, shapes and sizes. We also have different lives in terms of work, relaxation, environmental factors and so on.

Therefore, all my clients are given their own nutritional plan that is suited to their lives, needs and goals. I focus on long- term health and disease prevention and physical, emotional and mental health.

Put simply:

  • We take out the bad and replace with the good

  • Build new habits that will get you on the road to a healthier lifestyle

  • Our bodies need high-quality fuel to run optimally

If you’re ready to take control of your health, contact me for a free assessment call!